IRC server

SNT hosts multiple IRCnet IRC servers. Within SNT, the SysCom takes care of the management of the machines on which the IRC servers run.

We host a Dutch IRC server and a globally accessible IRC server. In addition, the Dutch IRC server can also be reached via IPv6. As mentioned earlier, these servers are part of IRCnet.

IRC Servers

You can find the IRC servers at the following location:


Come and have a look around in #snt, the official chat channel of the SNT. You are also always welcome in #utwente, an unofficial channel for all UT students that arose spontaneously during the TWRC fire.

Have fun chatting!


Although SNT provides space for these IRC servers, neither SNT nor its members are concerned about the policy pursued on these IRC servers. There is an international network of IRCnet server administrators for this. SNT does have several people in its ranks with a considerable dose of knowledge of IRC and the possibilities.

If you are looking for a contact with an IRCnet operator, you can reach this via irc@snt.utwente.nl. This e-mail address is set up to improve accessibility, but the people to whom the e-mail is sent are not covered by SNT.

Written by WebCom on Sunday May 30, 2021