Street name domains

SNT manages the following domain names:

A lot of campus house have their own website and use email lists to receive mail as a group. To improve the findability of these websites, SNT offers the possibility of getting a domain name and hosting (in some cases free).


Hostname (99.calslaan.nl)

Hostnames can be used to forward to an existing computer that has a static IP adress in DAS. This hostname is an extra service and does not replace the static IP registration in DAS.


Another way is to use the hostname to point to a Hornet hosting environment. More information about Hornet can be found here.


Every house has the possibility to use two hostnames.


A house on Calslaan 99-2 with the house name Example can request the following:


This service is only meant for group houses, solitairy houses and studios may not use this service.

Written by WebCom on Sunday May 30, 2021