The 59th board of Studenten Net Twente is constituted as follows: Chairman: Sander Teune Secretary: Ken Yeh Treasurer: Luc Hartmans General Member: Luc Haaijer The board can be contacted by mailing to board@snt.utwente.nl.

Lunch hour

What is the SNT lunch hour? SNT has a lunch hour every Wednesday which is organised for its (prospective) members, as well as people who just like to join for fun or have some questions. During this lunch hour, you can get a free lunch and come and join us in our association roo…

General member meeting

Dear SNT member, We would like to invite you to the general member meeting (GMM) of Studenten Net Twente. Date and time: May 30th 2024 at 19:00 Location: Bastille meeting room 5 (across from SNT) The documents can be found below. If you would like to receive a reminder for the…

Strategic plan

The board of SNT is working on a new strategic plan. When this plan is finished it will be published here. The previous version of the strategic plan can be found below: Preface The strategic plan provides a number of focal points that the association can focus on and on which…


The board of SNT is working on an Englisch translation of the by-laws. The dutch version can be found here


A digital version of the statutes can be found here. The last change of the statutes was on the genernal member meeting November 19th, 2012. The proposed changes can be found here (first change , second change).