SNT celebrates it's 5th Lustrum!

SNT's Lustrum is approaching. On the 2nd of November we'll turn 25! To celebrate this we're busy organising fun activities. To make use of the (hopefully) good weather during the summer, we've decided to celebrate the lustrum from May until November. Many activities will only be open to active members. Below, you'll find the activities that are open to the general public. Please keep in mind that this is the provisory planning and small changes can still occur.

June 5: Datacenter tour

This tour will give you insight into how internet is distributed over the campus and how a server room looks from the inside. ITO will hold multiple rounds during this day for small groups. Do you want to participate? Sign up here!

June 21: LAN-party in collaboration with Blueshell

This 24h LAN-party will be organised on June 21 until June 22. Besides the games that will be played during all 24 hours, SNT will also organise fun games on the evening of June 21. You'll, for example, be able to participate in Dungeons and Dragons and Mario Kart. The best thing of this LAN-party is that it's organised for a good cause!

November 1: Jinglepings

As final activity during our Lustrum we'll organise a Jinglepings activity. Have your images or logo's appear on screens throughout the campus by pinging multiple IPv6 addresses. Students and associations can challenge SNT to get their images displayed.

Written by WebCom on Thursday May 9, 2019