SNT tested router for home use on the campus

The SNT Helpdesk is aware that for many users on the campus, the standard internet facilities (eduroam and the wired network) are not sufficient. We see this in the number of people visiting the SNT Helpdesk with their own networking equipment. Using your own networking equipment on Campusnet comes with it's own challenges, since Campusnet is quite different from your regular home network.

Therefore the SNT Helpdesk tested some routers on Campusnet. We selected two models the SNT Helpdesk recommends if you decide to use your own networking equipment. The recommended models are the Asus RT-AC51U and Asus RT-AC1200G. These are available via various internet shops (see the links) and in stock at IAPC, the campus computer store in the Zilverling.

For more information on when it is appropriate to use your own network equipment (it is nearly always better to use the existing internet facilities), the disclaimer and a manual for configuring these two routers for Campusnet, please check here. You can also visit the SNT Helpdesk if you need support with either of these two specific models.

Written by WebCom on Tuesday March 12, 2019