If you're living on campus, or make use of eduroam, you'll be able to use the very fast internet connection of the university. There are, however, a few rules you should keep in mind. These rules are written down in the Code of Conduct and the Acceptable Use Policy.

However, it is possible you make a mistake sometime and do something that is against the rules. If such a violation is detected, it is reported to SNT Abuse and they will contact you about it.

Copyright violations

The UT receives abuse reports from SurfCERT, the CERT department of SurfNet, which provides the internet of the UT. SurfCERT relays abuse reports about illegal uploading of movies and music by the RIAA, MPAA and other copyright organisations. These organisations are watching popular torrents like a hawk and send abuse reports to all IP addresses they detect downloading that torrent. So if they see your IP address of the UT, they'll send an abuse report about it to the UT.

Other reports

Besides copyright violations, there are other network and internet related problems that are handled by SNT Abuse. For example, exceeding the weekly upload limit or by pointing a domain name to a machine campus without prior permission by the UT itself.

Handling of reports

If an abuse report is about one of the 2000 students living on campus or the students using eduroam, the UT will delegate the abuse report to the abuse department of Studenten Net Twente (SNT). Both SNT and the UT think such abuse reports are better received by the infringing student if the report comes from other students. If you ever receive such a report from SNT Abuse, it is your responsibility to answer to it swiftly, politely and seriously. Tell us how and why it happened and what you will be doing to prevent it from happening again. Most of the time, that settles the matter.


Should you however, not respond about these e-mails and continue to draw abuse reports towards you, you will be quarantined. Once quarantined, you'll reside in a separate part of the network of the university. In there, you can no longer surf the internet, but only download virusscanners and updates for virusscanners, Windows, Linux or OS X.

If you manage to get yourself quarantined, you'll be informed by SNT about which steps are next.


Hopefully it's clear that you'll want to avoid quarantining. You can do this by firstly, adhering to the rules. But should you every make a mistake, respond in time and respond politely to the emails SNT Abuse will send you.

Written by SNT on Monday March 11, 2019